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If you plan to go to Philippines for the first time in your life as a tourist, you must visit The Blogger Philippines for useful information, made by Jeff Valle and his team. And trust me, after you have visited this page once, you will come back here over and over again, and suddenly is your 2 weeks holiday booked.

I have been travelling around Philippines myself for the last 16 years as I am married down there and its very fun to see how The Blogger updates their’s followers of this page of whats going on.

Visit Boracay if you can, or Palawan my first trip to Philippines went to Bohol, Chocolate Hills and Pang Lao beaches.. a paradise.

If you have been there before and want explore more, contact The Blogger Philippines for more insights of beautiful Philippines.

The Blogger Philippines is and will be develope to become a big influencer in the Philippines tourist industry, they are proud of their country and they should be.

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Jason Miraples | Graphic Artist | Calapan

“Worth the time and investment. Thank you for showing us the beauty of our country. There’s a lot of place for us to discover everyday. Kudos!”

Roel Umali Hernandez | Communication Manager at DM Hernandez Engineering and Associate Professor | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“One of the travel blogs you definitely should follow! Professionalism and passion drives this page.”

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