TOP Things to do in Palawan, Island Philippines

People have known the Philippines as a slice of paradise on earth. And if you are wondering where to travel in the Philippines choose Palawan, Philippines.

A crowd favorite will have to be Palawan, hailed as the 7th wonder of the world, it’s no surprise people from all over the world flock to the province.

Palawan is made up of several islands in itself and the most common islands visited by tourists, travelers and even locals are El Nido “the last frontier of the Philippines”, ranked 14 in CNN’s best 100 beaches in the world, followed by the “City of the living God” Puerto Princesa, and Coron.

There are island hopping services offered throughout Palawan, and from what I’m told, the best are in Coron, but Puerto Princesa’s isn’t too bad either.

The Philippines has one of the most colorful and bio-diverse marine life in the world, and Palawan is a big hot spot.

It would be a big waste if you’re heading to Palawan just to go the beach and/or get a tan and miss out on snorkeling.

Recommended Tours to visit

Underground River

It’s a UNESCO heritage site, and voted as one of the New7Wonders of Nature: PP Underground River. Its the second longest underground river in the world, but only a portion is open to the public. 

Swimming in Kayangan Lake


Tranquility, clear waters, fabulous hike.

Taking a PADI open water course

Palawan Divers is a great outfitter.

City Tour

In Plaza Cuartel, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Baylwalk, Crocodile Farm, Baker’s Hill, Pasalubong Center, Binuatan Creations Weaving Center and more.

Coron Bay

Extremely beautiful, less touristy, amazing snorkeling – don’t miss the Japanese shipwrecks.

Secret Lagoon Beach in El Nido

Beautiful beach, though not so secret anymore

KaLui Restaurant 

Really good seafood with just the right ambiance to complete your tropical paradise experience. They have a lot of good dishes and they change the menu everyday.

There are obviously several things to do in island paradises as such and it’s sometimes overwhelming for people to decide which one to start on.

The growing activities that people can do in these islands are endless and continue to expand due to the growing developments in the areas.

It’s in my high hopes that this article will help you decide how to go about your paradise experience.


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