TRAVEL GUIDE: A Useful Travel Guide to Boracay Island 2019

Many of you confused on new system when going to Boracay Island. I hope this travel guide in Boracay Island may help you through the process.

When reaching the Jetty port in Caticlan (the getway to Boracay Island) You must present your booking confirmation from your Accredited Hotels (list of accredited hotels updated). No hotel Bookings No Entry to Boracay Policy.

Why not to book your Boracay hotels via agoda and get instant confirmation straight to your cellphones. Hassle free right? Credit card needed to book on agoda.


To make it simple before heading to Boracay book your hotel advance for hassle free to verification desk. After the verification process, your reservation or a confirmation voucher will mark as “verified” and you’re good to go.


Buy your terminal fee (Php100)
Environmental fee (Php75)
Boat Ticket (Php25) Night navigation fee is (Php30) from 6 pm until the last boat at 10pm

After docking in Cagban Jetty port on the right side you will see bunch of tricycles and motorbikes and asking you which station are you going (Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3) price range from Php150 or higher depending on which station and hotels you want to drop of.

On your departure day only terminal fee must be settled and boat ticket. No more environmental fee when you’re leaving in boracay island.

When leaving boracay atleast 3 hours ahead before your flight to (MPH) and 5 hours ahead before your flight to KLO. Its better to be sure than sorry in the end.


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